A proposito del progetto

The project “Women as Spiritus Movens-towards equailty in the European civilization”, concentrates on the current and vital needs of our students. We have focused particularly on: students’ insecurities concerning their education and employment and how to cope with these issues, the teenagers presence in the virtual world, issues of prejudice and social exclusion. With this project we aim to raise hopes and reduce the stigma of social and personal failure and exclusion.


To improve attainment in basic and transversal skills, specially entrepreneurship, digital skills and multilingualism.
To reinforce skills with the emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, initiative, problem solving, risk assessment, decision taking and constructive management of feelings.
To develop, transfer and implement innovative practices.
To promote long-lasting cooperation between schools
To contribute to development of European policies, for example to reduce early school leaving
To reinforce intercultural awareness.
To raise awareness of women influence on European civilization development.
To draw attention to the problem of unjust treatment of genders.


The main communication and cooperation platform will be twinspace. We have already used it before in previous e-twinning projects. We plan to make the most of all the tools offered by twinspace for cooperation and communication: mailbox, teacher forum, pupil forum, blog and chat. Official information between project partners will be shared through the etwinning mail account.
Different google drive documents will be used for sharing ideas about instructions for project activities, project meetings and responsibilities, especially during the preparation by all our organisations before the project activities take place.
During the implementation of the project, all the instructions for project activities, results, minutes of the meetings, pictures, videos, etc. will be uploaded in twinspace. For oversized files, we will use a dropbox shared folder.
Some IT tools will be used to coordinate the project and not only as final products: web site, blog, APP for smartphones, online newspapers with paper.li, scoop.it, etc.
Cooperation and communication with other relevant stakeholders in our project, such as the general community, town halls, NGOs, Music schools, etc., will be done by using national tools and ways of frequent communication: official webpage of each school, national blogs, school newspapers, school intranet, letters, emails, telephone, etc.


3. E-book: “Looking for the happiness formula” It is an e-novel written by students in English and translated to each native language.This novel will be available in digital form for free download as an e-book from different places: website, blog and twinspace. “E-book author” and “Calibre e-book management” will be the used as tools.
4. Glogsters, digital posters about the most representative women to be taken as patrons for every activity. Those glogsters will be both, uploaded in the blog, web site and twinspace, and printed in A-3 format to be shown in the European panel at every school.
5. Beautiful Minds APP for smart-phones and tablets containing mathematical, linguistic, logical riddles. It will be created by students using Mobincube tool.
6. Women patrons presentations in Prezi: investigations of famous profiles of women who have contributed significantly to the European citizenship development.
7. Heroines Online newspaper will be organised using the tool “paper.li” and it will consist of several interviews with women students consider heroines,
8. Logo: This logo is used in every product, document, instructions and results within our project.
9. Documentary film: “Through the eyes of a woman”: It is a personal approach to history, bringing history to life.
10. Wiki – Food diary. Set of healthy menus.
11. “Chemistry of love” research. Report on the outcomes. A research into chemical, biological and psychological aspects of love.
12. DVD: Through sport towards charity: This activity will be recorded during the project workshop meeting in Poland and the results will include information about the beneficient organisations, and interviews to their managers.
13. Equality of civil rights: Digital Time Axis poster.Looking for milestones in creating modern standards of democracy , this poster will be created digitally by using tools as Timerime and Dipity during the workshop in Finland.
14. Quiz: Women presence in politics. Students in the project workshop meeting in Finalnd will prepare the Quiz which will be answered online. The results will be analyzed by the students. This Quiz will be created by using tools as quizbean, Kuizza or gogle forms.
15. Witches then and now using Scoop.it Collection of videos against discrimination. Students in national teams search for films and videos presenting a problem of social exclusion (documentary or feature film). Scoop.it will be a tool where the compilation of videos chosen by students will be available.
16.Code (set of rules) of Interpersonal Behaviour, made by international groups of students after the panel discussion carried out during the international project workshop in Poland.
17. Collection of Q.R. codes about riddles invented by students (mathematical, logical or linguistic riddles). They create a Q.R code with the best riddles and a competition in multinational groups at the first project international workshop in Spain will be held by students trying to solve those riddles using smart phones with Q.R. Codes readers.
18. DVD with performances from Sports and arts to prevent gender violence: Dvd containing all the performances that students prepare using only body language and music, without words, physical and choreographic movement to show their proposal of solutions for this huge problem in the European society.
19. Big format painting collage: Students will draw a draft of the idea they want to show in the performances from Sports and arts to prevent gender violence.
20. Young women reality in figures: Statistics report with graphics from surveys about reasons for early drop-out at school, how to increase students’ interests in studying abroad, and their knowledge of European opportunities and usefulness of Europass to unify various certificates. The results will be analyzed in contrasts for males and females.
21 A catalogue of new products/business/services: a catalogue containing all the handmade products, personal ideas for a business or services showed by students during a Mock International Business Day
22. Web page. French team of students and teachers will be in charge of preparing and coordinating this result with the contribution of every partner team of students and teachers. Various google sites will be used as a tool.
23. Blog. French team of students and teachers will be in charge of preparing and coordinating this result with the contribution of every partner team of students and teachers. Blogspot, wordpress, blogger or blog tool in twinspace will be used as a tool.



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Arte, Biologia, Chimica, Cross Curricular, Economia, Educazione alla Cittadinanza, Educazione Fisica, Etica, Filosofia / Logica, Informatica / TIC, Italiano e letteratura, Lingue Straniere, Matematica / Geometria, Musica, Politica, Psicologia, Scienze della vita e della salute, Scienze Naturali, Scienze Sociali, Storia, Storia della Cultura, Studi Europei, Tecnologia